Where would the water come from for a new lake?

Letters to the editor:

            I read the article last week about the new subdivision in Indianola now in the works. I was especially interested to read about the 2-acre lake as deep as Utah Lake [that is part of the project plans].

            Where are they getting the water?

            Sanpete, as we all know, has very little surface water. So the idea is to get the water from wells, which is a real lightbulb project. From Birdseye to Fairview City, every home is on a well for water. With all of these wells, I wonder how much water is underground? Not one person knows. With Hideaway expanding as it is with all the new wells, how long will the water last?

            Now we have a proposed lake, where will the people get water after every well goes dry? From another city? How long will another municipality allow hundreds of gallons of water to be taken from their water supply?

            I remember when Hideaway was a new development, seeing a line of vehicles waiting their turn to fill their containers from the tap that Ballard’s had for their use and to water their sheep. Few if any had a well, because the State of Utah had not opened the area for any well drilling. So now we have a new lake created for entertainment in Sanpete. Red flags fly. The developer is the one who will get all the benefits from this fiasco, and the people will pay the penalty. While they run to the bank with their pockets full, I can’t imagine what a catastrophic situation awaits the people who will buy into this.

            My hope for all those involved is that the County Commissioners shoot this proposal dead as a duck. That is the only solution for the benefit of not only the people of Indianola, but for all of Sanpete County.

Kristy Jensen

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