Who’s protecting policeman’s rights?

Letters to the editor:

Has anyone ever looked at the number of police killed in the line of duty?

I’m troubled when I hear the reports of police shooting and killing. Universities, liberals, progressives and the left news media are pushing the narrative that police want to kill blacks.

In the news you only hear about black people getting shot by police and most of the time they are in an act of crime.

Twice as many whites are killed by police than blacks, but that doesn’t matter. All lives must matter. The police receive immediate blame of murder without an investigation. What about the police when they are trying to protect and defend our laws? Or me? They deserve due process like anyone else.

I checked the internet to find out how many policemen have lost their lives so far this year. In the first three months of this year, 2021, police killed by gunfire is 19. Police killed by vehicular assault is nine. Police killed by stabbing are two. In 2020 police killed by gunfire was 45. Police killed by vehicular assault was 13. Police killed by assault was one.

In cities where they are defunding the police the crime has more than doubled. I don’t understand why the news media fails to defend our police that are willing to put their own life on the line when they put on their badge.

I have had my share of run-ins with police. Most officers treated me with kindness and respect. Our police deserve our respect and honor. Thanks to the police for their sacrifice.

Darrell White,

Spring City

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