Small Business Development Center honors Lovey’s Pet Grooming of Manti

MANTI—A Manti woman realized it’s never too late to chase her dreams, and it’s paying off.

Pamela Matherne, 48, of Manti was recognized last month as the Snow College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Business of the Year for Sanpete County, for her business, Lovey’s Pet Grooming, which she launched last year.

Pam Matherne of Manti (right) receives the Snow College Small Business development Center of the Year Award.

Matherne says she made a decision to follow her dreams and pursue a bachelor’s in agribusiness. That decision was the trigger for the rest of her journey.

”Going to college gave me the courage to pursue something that I wanted to do instead of working for someone else,” Matherne told the Messenger.

Ever since she was a little girl, Matherne wanted to work with animals. With the help of the Snow College SBDC, she was able to obtain a small grant to help her open a small-scale goat farm. With the proceeds from that, she was able to open her pet grooming business.

“They [SDBC] have helped me the whole way,” Matherne said. “Help with training on Quickbooks, taxes, web design. If they don’t know, they will find out who to contact. You still have to do all the work yourself, but they are amazing.”

Matherne says her journey hasn’t been easy, but she is glad she went through the effort to make it happen.

“It’s stressful but it’s such a relief at the same time,” Matherne said. “I get to work on my own schedule. It’s such a  reward when a dog comes in that doesn’t look that great, and when we are done the owners are always so happy to see.”