William Lamb pleads guilty to seven criminal counts following standoff

William Lamb pleads guilty to seven criminal counts following standoff


James Tilson

Staff writer



MANTI—The man at the center of an eight-hour standoff with police last month in Fairview seemed more ready to put to an end the court case arising from the incident.

In a quick resolution to the headline-drawing case, William Davis Lamb, 31, of Mt. Pleasant, pleaded guilty to seven criminal charges in Sixth District Court in Manti on Wednesday, April 26, just nine days after the standoff.

Some of those charges, however, were from another case that was already active.

In return for his guilty pleas in those cases, a third case was dismissed completely.

Lamb garnered attention on April 17, when he instituted a stand-off with police that ended only when police K9 units entered the residence he had holed himself up in, negotiations and teargas grenades having failed to resolve the incident before that.

Lamb had invaded the Fairview residence of a former girlfriend, Aspen Lightfoot, and her children, though they evaded Lamb and escaped the home. The woman had a protective order against Lamb. Violating that order constituted a class A misdemeanor that Lamb pleaded guilty to.

It was the second time in less than a month he had violated the order. He had approached Lightfoot on April 4, also. He pleaded guilty to that charge last week as well.

According to Sanpete Deputy County Attorney Kevin Daniels, during the April 17 incident, Lamb made multiple threats against Lightfoot and her children. Daniels said that Lamb threatened to “mess up her face so bad that no one would recognize her,” and that Lamb had hidden guns so that he could shoot her sons.

Daniels also said that Lamb told her that “he wanted to end this now and make the cops shoot him.”

In the incident on April 4, Daniels explained that police responded to a domestic violence call, and found Lamb at Lightfoot’s residence with a .45-caliber handgun holstered on his hip.     Because of the protective order against him, he was forbidden from possessing any firearms. The police also found that Lamb had struck Lightfoot on the face.

In all, lamb pleaded guilty to violating the protective order (two counts); possession of a weapon by a restricted person, a third-degree felony; and assault, domestic violence in the presence of a child, threat of violence, and interruption of a communication device, all class B misdemeanors.

Three misdemeanor drug and assault charges, and one felony drug charge, were all dismissed as part of the plea arrangement.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 7 in Manti.