Alert goes out for possible child stalker in Spring City

Alert goes out for possible child stalker in Spring City


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



SPRING CITY — Reports of suspicious activity in Spring City have some people concerned about the possibility of a child stalker.

According to Spring City police chief Clarke Christensen, several reports have been made involving a man in a parked car watching and following children.

Christensen made a public announcement through social media that is being shared prolifically through local Facebook pages warning parents to be careful about leaving their children unattended.

According to Christensen, the reports say that a man in a red older model small SUV has been spotted exhibiting suspicious activity near children. The vehicle’s driver is a male who may have a mustache.

In one of the reports, the man allegedly followed a group of three young girls from Spring City Park for several blocks until they were able to reach the safety of a friend’s house. The girls were reportedly very disturbed by being followed and were relieved when they reached a safe place, after which the driver sped off.

A few hours later another report was made when the same vehicle was seen parked on the south end of town and the male driver was watching a two-year-old girl playing on a playground on the property of a residential home. When the homeowner noticed the man watching his child, the vehicle sped off quickly.

Christiansen said both of the original reports came from Spring City, but he has since received a similar report coming from the Ephraim area.

“No laws have been broken yet,” Christiansen said. “But we want to find this guy and talk to him to get to the bottom of things. If you see or observe this potential threat, please get a license plate number and call 911 immediately so that the authorities can take appropriate actions.”