‘Boys next Door’ brought laughter and tears

Letters to the editor:

Whenever I read the Parable of the Talents in the scriptures (Matthew 25:14-30), I catch myself thinking of “talents” not as a form of currency, but as actual talents.

 You know, things like: Art, Music, Dance and Theatre. After watching the funny and poignant presentation of “The Boys Next Door” the other evening, I have concluded the association between the meanings of those two talents might be closer than we think.

Performing talent could, indeed, be a form of wealth. I certainly know we in the audience were richly blessed by the superb performance—comprising “snap shot” portrayals of the simplistic, yet complex lives of people we usually refer to as “mentally challenged.”

Bursts of laughter and sometimes tears were the audience’s on-going response to those humorous and tender glimpses the actors so skillfully shared with us. 

What a special journey we embarked on during the evening of “The Boys Next Door!” 

One I hope we will have the opportunity of experiencing more of in the future. Sanpete is endowed with talent that deserves to be supported. I hope to see you at a future performance.

Betty Garlock,


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