Enjoyed refreshing play at Eva Beal Auditorium

Letters to the editor:

Kudos to director/producer Nanette Bramwell and her very talented cast and support personnel who recently brought “The Boys Next Door” to life here in Manti.

Every aspect of the performance was so well done and it was such a refreshing change to experience real live theatre together with a gathering of patrons in the Eva Beal Auditorium.

Sanpete’s heritage of various theatrical performances, including plays, pageants, musicals and minstrel shows is a very rich one. 

Author, David Mackey, in Volume II of “Temple Lights and Train Tracks”—the Almost Forgotten History & Lore of Sanpete, covers a treasure trove of early Sanpete theatre on through the “Roaring Twenties.”

Surely “The Boys Next Door” is a harbinger of wonderful productions yet to come in Sanpete.

Jane A. Braithwaite,


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