Cast and crew put heart and soul into ‘Beauty and the Best’ at NSHS

Maurice played by Rory Anderson (left) kisses Belle played by Kylee Davis, as the dishes sing their approval inlast week’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast.”

MT. PLEASANT—The North Sanpete High School musical “Beauty and the Beast” was performed in front of sold out crowds each night last week.

Each performance was filled with fun music, lots of laughter and great talent from the actors.

“Belle was amazing,” said Kaylee, a sixth-grader from Mt Pleasant Elementary who watched the performance three times. “She reminded me a lot of the real Belle and her singing voice was great.”

Last year’s play was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so being able to perform this year made things even better.

The students in the play built the sets, and one cast member actually sewed Belle’s blue dress.

“This has been such an amazing production and everyone put their heart and soul into each performance,” said Jessica Madsen. Her daughter Liz was one of the cast members. Liz mentioned that they were holding three-hour practices five days a week preparing for this play.

“I absolutely loved the production of Beauty and the Beast! Every character was cast perfectly and performed their part exceptionally well from the cute spoons to Belle,” said Brandee Shelley from Mt Pleasant. “I loved the costumes and the scenery. Everything seemed to flow smoothly. It was definitely a pay done well from every aspect.”

The cast of North Sanpete High School’s musical play “Beauty and the Beast” played to a full house each night last week. One of the main characters, Gaston, played by Kaje Nielsen, shows off his hairy chest to admiring girls and his cronies in the bar.