Senior serves four years as class president

MT. PLEASANT—North Sanpete senior Brynleigh Lund has served as class president all four years of high school. This unique experience is definitely something to be proud of.

 Now acting as the senior class president of 2021, Lund says, “No matter how hard or scary thing are, always try your best to be involved in something,”

“Bryn is kind and is very well liked by everyone,” says student government advisor Rickie Stewart. “She comes to the table with good ideas, she’s always willing to be a large part of any discussion for activities and come up with solutions that include everyone.”

North Sanpete senior class president Brynleigh Lund encourages others to always try their best and be involved in something.

Lund is the daughter of Griff and Melyn Lund of Fountain Green and they don’t take credit for how amazing their daughter is.

“It is she who has enhanced her own character strengths that has led her to where she is today,” says Melyn. “Bryn demonstrates drive, determination and is future driven.”

Brynleigh loves being able to be involved with her class. She loves planning and conducting activities that everyone in her class can enjoy.

While math may not be her strong point, it doesn’t change the fact that her favorite teacher is her math teacher Matt Syme.

“Brynleigh is usually a very chill person and always happy,” says Syme. “I like Bryn as a student because she is not afraid to speak her mind. It actually funny how blunt she can be. She will ask questions and voice concerns that other students have but are often too afraid to ask.”

As senior class president, Brynleigh said that the hardest thing of this year is returning to school during a pandemic with a bunch of new regulations that students weren’t use to.

“It has been hard to adapt and overcome trials,” she says. “An obstacle we’d face numerous times towards the beginning was getting people involved in activities while following the strict school regulations.

Students have felt disconnected and alone during these times of masks and isolation, but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the most rewarding experience.”

Her parents say that Brynleigh is unique and has great potential to create a good life as she continues striving forward. She has always been well grounded.

When asked what advice would she give to younger students, Brynleigh says she would tell them to be involved.

“Go out have fun and socialize because whenever I found myself doing those things no matter how awkward I felt, I look back and only see good fun filled memories,” she says.