Centerfield reduces water line project from $320K to $83K

Centerfield reduces water line project from $320K to $83K


By Gage Slusser

Staff writer



CENTERFIELD—The Town Council was able to whittle down the price of the culinary water line project at its July 17 meeting.

The culinary water line, a project initially estimated at $320,000 for the replacement of 4,000 linear feet of cast iron pipe, was worked down to approximately $83,000.  The council will approach the Community Impact Board (CIB) for the full replacement amount.

The switch over to the new line is expected to occur with a minimum of inconvenience—about one hour of interrupted service.

The council also talked about additional problems to the town’s irrigation water pressure. Several residents claimed that the area’s farmers, although they may not be using more than their fair share of the water, were using it at a rate that prevented households from receiving adequate pressure for their lawns and gardens.

The state legislature recently mandated the metering of water usage. Until that initiative is funded and implemented, the council determined that it will be difficult to properly adjust irrigation flows.

In other news, Rachel Jensen reported on the preparations for the upcoming Pioneer Day Celebration.  Zack Jensen, Gunnison Valley Fire Department Chief, provided the council with proposed language for a unified fire ordinance for the municipalities he oversees.  Jensen reminded the council that no open burning is allowed in the State of Utah between June 1 and October 31.

Don Rogers recounted a recent incident on July 4, when fireworks were set off during high-wind conditions, causing fires in a neighboring field in which several bales of hay were burned.  Colton Coates, who had tried to put out the fires, was taken to the ER for smoke inhalation.
A lively discussion ensued in which Mayor Sorensen appealed to the Sanpete Messenger to encourage its readers to use common sense precautions to avoid such mishaps in the future.  Rogers agreed and stated, “You can’t legislate stupid.”  He offered copies of the legislature’s proposed H.B. 38, Fireworks Restrictions, to the council for consideration.