Wales public safety building on hold

Wales public safety building on hold


By Suzanne Dean




WALES—The effort to construct a new public safety building in Wales is on hold while plans for the $604,000 structure undergo final review.

The town drew up plans for the structure about four years ago, but had to put the project on hold when its water well broke down and its priority shifted to water repairs.

Town Clerk Velva Lee Sherman said when contractors started working with the plans, they called attention to some inadequacies, especially the fact that there was no sign off from engineers as required by law.

A bid opening scheduled for July 22 was cancelled. Sherman said Fire Chief James Roberts is checking with the Utah Community Impact Board (CIB), which is providing most of the funding, to find out what signoffs the agency requires on plans for projects.

Then Roberts will arrange for any required reviews and signoffs.  Once the plans are final, the town will re-advertise for bids.

The current fire station is so packed with vehicles and equipment that it is difficult for people to squeeze in to drive trucks out, Sherman said.

“They [the fire department] want to get it done this year. People want it so badly,” Sherman said. “It will be a great, great blessing to our fire department.”

Wales received approval earlier this year for a $500,000 grant and a $104,000 loan from the CIB. The new fire station will be located in what is now a vacant field on the same block as the Wales Community Hall and current fire station.