Children’s Justice Center holds open house, police help with awareness campaign by serving as waiters

In recognition of April being Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Sanpete County Children’s Justice Center held an open house on Tuesday, April 10. Pictured are: Back (L-R) Kristen Howe, Susan Talley, John Keeler and Pam Stoker. Front (L-R): Lindsay Beesley, Pat Ellsworth and Claudia Jarrett.


Children’s Justice Center

holds open house, police

help with awareness campaign

by serving as waiters


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Apr. 19, 2018


EPHRAIM—The Children’s Justice Center (CJC) in Ephraim has been busy trying to increase awareness during April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

On Tuesday, April 10, the CJC held an open house to bring people in and introduce them to just how the local CJC helps children in their hour of need.

Tyler Hughes (in black) and Sanpete County Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Buchanan serve a hungry group of patrons at Dirk’s Farmhouse as part of the Sanpete Children’s Justice Center Dine and Donate event, where local law enforcement served patrons to raise money for the center.


 “We wanted to make the county agencies, school districts, churches, hospitals and communities in our county aware of this valuable tool (the CJC) that supports the needs of children and their families in crisis,” Diane Keeler, CJC director, said.

More than two dozen people, from many walks of life, came to the open house—including educators, politicians, lawmen and general community members. 

“We were very encouraged to see most of those who came through had no idea about the Center and left amazed that we had this type of service, not only available throughout the State but in our very own County,” Keeler said. “We are so grateful for the support the center has from not only the county commissioners, Snow College, law enforcement agencies and DCFS, but from some of the local churches, schools and community members.”

The CJC also partnered with local law enforcement and Dirk’s Farmhouse Restaurant on Saturday to host their Dine and Donate event. The fundraising event had lawmen serving diners at the restaurant, and the money raised went to support the CJC. More than $2,000 was raised for the CJC in two hours.

Another fundraiser for the CJC is planned for Saturday, June 9, in the form of a charity golf tournament at Palisade’s Golf Course in Sterling.

For information or questions, call Keeler at 283-3120 or email her at dkeeler@sanpetecounty-ut.gov.