Mayfield Town increases water rates to cover shortfall

Mayfield Town increases

water rates to cover shortfall


By Kellie Harrison

Guest writer

Apr. 19, 2018


MAYFIELD—After 10 years of residents paying the same price for water, Mayfield made a change in the cost of water for their residents.

At the town council meeting on Wednesday, April 11, the Mayfield Town Council reevaluated their water prices.

According to John Christensen, Mayfield’s mayor, the town has not been affected by the lack of precipitation more than they have been any other year. Mayfield uses several springs and wells to supply their water.

Currently, Mayfield is falling about $1,500 short in funds to maintain their water facilities.

The city council wanted to change the base rates the citizens are paying so the maintenance cost is fully covered while still keeping the cost of water as cheap as possible.

Catherine Bartholomew, Mayfield’s town recorder, said, “For a small community, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot, but we have to pay for it.”

The residents of Mayfield are currently paying a base rate of $23 in addition to $2 for every 1,000 gallons the home uses.

At the meeting, Christensen expressed concern over some residents not being able to pay for this increase in cost.

After discussing various options, the council decided on the option that seemed to be the most appropriate for the town.

There will be a $5 increase in the base rate beginning on June 1, in addition to $2.50 per 1,500 gallons the home uses.

Christensen said this will still meet the need for the water fund but will also give the residents time to adjust to the change.