Fair goes crazy with crowds, activity

Live concert packs stands, vendors sell out

robert stevens / messenger photo
Fair-goers explore the carnival amusements on Saturday night at the Sanpete County Fair.

MANTI—After a long year of pandemic pandemonium, the Sanpete County Fair was back in action and packed with events for everyone to enjoy. 

“I feel like people needed to gather and celebrate our heritage and communities, after no contact for the past year,” said Mike Bennett, Fair Board Chair. 

The fair had record crowds; vendors sold out of food well before the end of the events; the livestock auction saw higher bids then usual; and stands were packed with spectators. 

New this year to the list of events was the live concert featuring singer-songwriter Ned LeDoux and opener Charley Jenkins. 

LeDoux brought in the young and old with his well respected high energy show that mixed his western roots with the rock and roll influences he acquired in his youth. Not only does he bring his own music, but he carries on his father Chis LeDoux’s legacy by singing the songs the he wrote and recorded. 

Bennett said that all in all, this year was a successful fair. The fair board and committees work all year to host the event, and it takes a lot of sacrifice. 

Bennett joked when asked how much longer he and his wife Amanda would oversee the fair by saying, “Until I get fired.” 

The Bennetts joined the Fair Board in 2009 and accepted the responsibility of fair chairmanship in 2015. They also acknowledge that what they are able to accomplish simply wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing dedication of the outstanding members of the Fair Board. 

“I want to thank the fair board, their committee members, the Jr. Livestock Association and all the volunteers that are so willing to help during the week,” said Bennett. “Sanpete residents are very service minded people; it’s great to work with them.”


One of the most popular events each year is the demolition derby, which took place on Friday night. It was the first sell out show in the new arena. Prize money was $45,000. The winners are:

Full size cars

Light class: 1st place Jace Wilson of Gunnison, 2nd place Brain Anderson of Wales, 3rd place Tyler Stansfield and 4th place Brandon Sandoval.

Medium class: 1st place Bill Bowman of Heber, 2nd place Brad Bowman of Heber, 3rd place Robby Layton of Ephraim and 4th place Ben Stephenson.

Heavy class: 1st place Tyler Sargant, 2nd place Alex Harward, 3rd place TJ Mcphie of Heber and 4th place Nick Last.

Mini Cars:

Light class: 1st place Collin Carter; 2nd place Jayden Cox, 3rd place McKenna Christiansen and 4th place Landon Carter.

Heavy Class: 1st place Connor Christiansen, 2nd place Mayson Cox, 3rd place Ryker Hewko and 4th place Tyson Wilson.

Trucks winners were 1st place Jonathan Belliston, 2nd place Spencer Proctor, 3rd place Zack Carter, and 4th Kylan Montoya. 

Spencer Proctor won the Most Aggressive driver of the whole show. 

Exhibit Building

The many artistic creations of Sanpete County citizens were displayed in the fair’s Exhibit Building. Exhibits range from fine arts to string art, Lego creations, wood carvings, sewing, fresh fruits, photography, bottled goods and more. 

Marie Stevens won Best of Show for her quilt, Keith Alder won people choice, Tiffany Peterson won quilt fair theme and the Judges Choice was given to Briar Rose Thompson for the painting of the girl with a rabbit. 

Pet Show

Youth were encouraged to give their pet a bath, dress it up and take it to the pet show to strut its stuff. The pet could be almost anything from a mouse, spider or snake, to a horse, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” was the motto.

Winners were Ammon Christensen with his duck Reager; John Everitt with his rabbit Richard Lightening; Dakota Hardy with his large dog Pancake; Kambree Mounton with her geckos; Aspen Hardy with Chocolate Chip her sheep; Lacy Christensen and her cat Oreo; a goat Daisy with her owner Hunter Bingham; Madi Myers and her small dog Baxter; Ellie Zeeman and her German Shepherd Onyx and Madison Moulton and her dog Zoey.

Mud Volleyball             

It may be one of the most slippery and sloppy games but that didn’t stop the entertainment from happening. The winners of this year’s muddy match up were Tristy Barton’s team. Team members included Tristy, Dusty and Stephanie Cox, Andi Mullins, Ryan Thomas and Kyler Barton. 

Junior Livestock

All the hard work and study is displayed at the Sanpete County Junior Livestock Show, where youth are tested on their knowledge of their animals and also exhibit their livestock to a judge in the show ring. 

Market Beef Grand Champion Steer was won by Nicole Otten and the reserve Champion Steer was Bodie Wright. Market Swine winners were Grand Champion Josie Wright and Reserve Champion Bodie Wright. 

Kort Sorensen won the Grand Champion in Market Lamb and Wyatt Mann was the Reserve Champion. 

Grand Champion Market goat winner was Josie Wright with Bodie Wright as the Reserve Champion. 

Bred and owned Beef Grand Champion was Jentrey Rigby with Kambree Barker as the Reserve Champion. The Lamb Grand Champion was Paige Otten with Jocelyn Schoppe as the Reserve Champion. Josie Wright brought home another Grand Champion with her Bread and Owned Goat and Bodie Wright won Reserved.  

Jr. Livestock participants were happy to be competing at the 2021 Sanpete County Fair this year.

Showmanship winners

Beef: Senior Class Grand Champion, Josie Wright, and Reserve, Jaxon Anderson; Intermediate Class Champion, Nicole Otten and Reserve, Baylee Denton; Junior Class Champion, Ridge Anderson and Reserve, Kambree Barker. 

Swine: Grand Champion Senior Class, Colter Denton and Reserve, Josie Wright; Intermediate Class Grand, Waylon Sorensen and Reserve, Atley Coats; Junior Class Grand Champion, Chloee Lyn Mann and Reserve Champion, Axton Sorenson.

Lamb: Senior Class Grand Champion, Josie Wright and Reserve, Carrie Everitt; Intermediate Class Champion, Nelson Everett and Reserve, Paige Otten; Junior Class Champion, Lantry Peterson and Reserve, Owen Stewart. 

Goat: Senior Class Grand Champion, Bodie Wright, and Reserve, Josie Wright; Intermediate Class Champion, Keisha Coats and Reserve, Paige Zanocco; Junior Class Champion, Kambree Barker and Reserve, Chloee Lyn Mann. 


The Sanpete County Fair Rodeo filled not only the arena with exciting rodeo action for two nights, but the stands were filled with rodeo fans. Stock Contractor Broken Heart Rodeo Company brought the best stock to challenge the RMPA Rodeo contestants in one of their final rodeos of the season. 

Total money paid out to winners totaled $17,452.80 with no payouts in the bull riding event due to no qualified rides with 33 entries. 

Derrick Thompson and Ben Boore split first and second place in the bareback riding, both taking home a check for $358.65. Ryan Jessop took a third place finish and a $179.32 check. 

In saddle bronc there were a total of 16 entries with Statler Wright headed home to Milford Utah with first place and a check for $572.92. Other qualified rides were second place Hayz Madsen, $426.69, third Kelly Short, $286.46 and splitting fourth place were Scott Lauaki and Cooper James with a check for $71.61.

In calf roping, winners were: first place Ladd Howell, $691.96; second place Trampus Quarnberg, $518.97; third place Jesse Loveless, $345.98; fourth place Conner Kemp, $179.99.

Dawson Stewart took home a check for 537.60 and first place in steer wrestling with Jake Day taking second with a $322.56 check and Hunter Mikesell brought home $215.04.

The ladies didn’t disappoint in breakaway roping as Shaylee King took first with a time of 2.6 seconds, earning a $834.31 check. Second and third place were split winning $521.76 each between Shelly Winn and Lakenzie Newman. Holly Bradshaw rounded out the winners with fourth place and a check for $209.70.

Barrel racers were led by Shanna Stephens with $858.62 for her time of 17:75. Second place went to Shayane Fredrickson earning $643.96. Third place and $429.31 went to Maklee Larson. Jody Pomikala finished .03 tenths behind third place to take home $214.65 and a fourth place finish. 

Team roping teams took home the highest amount in earnings from the two nights. First place team Hagen Peterson and Jace Nielson took home a check for $1,001.47. Brian Winn and Matt Liston placed second earing $751.10. Third place team Casey Thomas and Joao Miranda earned $500.73.