Keep up the good work, Sanpete Messenger

Letters to the editor:

What is a newspaper for? Why do we all read it? It’s to spread the news; to educate all of us about what is going on in our community. It’s for the old guys to have something to talk about at the coffee counter. It’s for parents to brag about their athletes and students. 

North Sanpete seems to have made the main story the past two weeks. The Messenger looks to have tried to report the news, and must have received some backlash. 

I must say the first article on the North Sanpete High School coaches was mostly accurate, but with a few mistakes; this is something that happens. We are all human and not one of us is perfect. Is it fair for the publisher, her employees, and others to face the firing squad, all because they reported the news?

The second article—the one by the publisher explaining the story contained some serious flaws—was way more than it needed to be. It was long and full of stuff that didn’t necessarily need to be said.

Talking to people in the community, either they hadn’t read the article, they agreed with it or they picked out a few mistakes.

I have learned that people will say what they need to in the moment to look good. One may say the district treated them great because they know it will be read, when in another breath they may say differently to a friend. 

Keep up the good work Sanpete Messenger. Nobody is perfect and those who are pointing fingers at you are either guilty as charged or just plain upset that they were called out.

Alex Hansen

Mt. Pleasant

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