Long-tome employee named county road supervisor

Tom Seely stands at the entrance to the Sanpete County road department. The county commissioners hired Seely as the new county road supervisor.


Long-tome employee named county road supervisor


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



MANTI—After serving under somebody in the Sanpete County road and weed department for a quarter-century, Tom Seely is now the head man of the department.

The Sanpete County Commissioners hired Seely on Oct. 20 as the new county road supervisor. He replaces Steve Keller.

Seely said in an interview that he is going to be focused on service.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue to serve,” Seely said. “There are great guys at the road department and we work hard to get things done.”

Over his time in the road and weed department, Seely has done a variety of tasks.

“I’ve worked for them for 25 years, so you name it,” said Seely, a Sanpete native.

Seely explained that “it’s not like you are a designated person when you work for the road department.”

In the department, an employee does a little bit of everything, Seely said.

“It’s road maintenance,” he added.

When asked about challenges that Seely feels good to have overcome professionally, Seely said, “There have been a lot of improvements to the county and as far as the road department, there are a lot of roads here … we are kind of few in numbers, but for the personnel we have, we get a lot done.”

The most appealing part of Seely’s job is “keeping everything in check and keeping everything going so we can fix what we can fix” regarding improving county roads, he said.

Seely’s department is looking to further improve the county, he said.

“We’re trying to make it better,” he said.

Seely said he appreciates the five, soon to be six, people with whom he works.

“They are really great people,” he said.

Seely is from Mt. Pleasant specifically and went to North Sanpete High School, he said. He attended Snow College and Utah State University (he didn’t graduate). He still lives in Mt. Pleasant.

Seely said it’s been “great” to be in the county and be raised in it.

“I love Sanpete and I’ve done my best to stay here for that reason,” Seely said. “I like it here a lot. This is home.”