New Fountain Green mayor chosen for second time in 2020


Longtime Fountain Green resident Mark Coombs was recently chosen to serve as the city’s new mayor when the current Mayor Scott Collard resigned for personal reasons.


New Fountain Green mayor chosen for second time in 2020


By Marcy Curtis

Staff writer



FOUNTAIN GREEN—The city has selected a new mayor for the second time this year as the existing Mayor Scott Collard resigned for personal reasons.

Taking over as the new mayor will be longtime resident Mark Coombs, who was selected to the post by the city council with a 4 to 1 vote. He will preside as mayor through 2021.

Mayor Collard asked to step down as mayor as he needed to take time to be with his family.

In September, Collard replaced Mayor Willard Wood after he moved out of the area.

Three Fountain Green citizens put in applications to fill the mayoral vacancy. They were Clint Hansen, Jeremy Ivory and Mark Coombs.

At a city council meeting, each one of the candidates was asked to introduce themselves and tell why they wanted to be mayor. Both Hansen and Ivory mentioned that the city needed more transparency.

“We need to live in a community where people’s concerns are heard,” said Hansen.

“We need to get more people involved, not for yelling at Chad [the local police officer], but involved in everything in the city,” said Ivory. “We need to listen and I want to have an ear for what is going on.”

Coombs said, “The mayor that lives in the community needs to know the community.”

After voting, it was confirmed that Hansen received one vote and Coombs four votes. The other two candidates will be placed on the planning and zoning commission to fill the vacancies there.

The design update on the building was also on the agenda. The council is encouraging people to go tour the new building. It is open during the regular work day hours. They will start limiting the people going through the building once carpet is laid.

“We want people to use the building, especially the library,” said council member Shelith Jacobson. “There are people that don’t like it, and they just need to get over it. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere.”

It was noted that the building is currently under budget and is still on schedule to be ready to move into at the end of February.


New Mayor Mark Coombs


Coombs grew up in Fountain Green and has been a long time resident. He has spent his career in the medical profession.  He is currently a technical consultant for Abbott and has been heavily involved with the COVID pandemic since the company has rapid testing.

“My ancestry has deep roots in Fountain Green and we have continued to be part of this wonderful community,” said Coombs. “I have always loved the small town experience.”

His wife, Karla, grew up in the Vernal area and has loved living in Fountain Green as well. They raised four children and also have two young men that have lived with them the last couple of years.

Coombs has always believed that you should give back to the community that you live in and he has always worked to fulfill that commitment.

“I have served on the city council on two different occasions as well as other opportunities,” he stated.

He wants to use his knowledge, experience and dedication to serve the residents of Fountain Green. “The best people anywhere live in this community,” he said.

The most important thing that he would like to accomplish as a mayor is to always keep Fountain Green ahead of the changing times in the areas of growth, changing rules and regulations.

Mayor Collard had planned to serve as mayor until the next election; unfortunately a family tragedy made it so he needed to resign to focus on family.

“He has all my respect for putting his family first,” stated Coombs.

The new mayor has the ability to set his own schedule so he can decide where he needs to be at any given time. With the COVID pandemic, he is working from home.

At this point in time he is not sure of any immediate changes that he will need to make. He wants time to consult with the city employees and city council to get their input, as well as any citizens that may have concerns.

“The city employees and city council all have been doing an excellent job of keeping the city moving forward,” mentioned Coombs. “Everyone has ideas from their prospective. I have some ideas as well, but would like some time to really get a feel of how things are going and what course changes need to be made.”

His favorite thing about Fountain Green is the small town feel and knowing that your neighbors are always looking out for you.

“Your kids can walk around town and we as parents know that they are safe and can enjoy the country life. This is a great place to live, work and raise a family,” he said.