Man sentenced for his part in Maverik robbery last year

Man sentenced for his part

in Maverik robbery last year


By James Tilson

Staff writer

Apr. 26, 2018


MANTI—A South Jordan man received a sentence of probation for his part in the Ephraim/Mt. Pleasant crime spree last October.

Jesus Emmanuel Carrasco, 18, co-defendant to Luis David Cuevas who was sentenced on Jan. 24 to 210 days in jail and three years of probation, was one of three men convicted of stealing a vehicle in Ephraim, and then driving to Mt. Pleasant to rob the Maverick convenience store; afterwards, they set the stolen vehicle on fire. This occurred October 9 of last year. The three men were captured in Springville the next day.

The third man was not identified, as he was charged as a juvenile.

In Sixth Judicial District Court last Wednesday, Carrasco entered his change of plea to “no contest” to one count of attempted obstruction of justice, a second degree felony. Counts of aggravated robbery, theft and arson were dismissed.

Sanpete County Attorney Kevin Daniels explained to Judge Marvin Bagley why Carrasco was getting such a lenient plea agreement. “[Of the three co-defendants in the case] this defendant did not go into the store or participate in the arson. He may even have tried to dissuade one of the others or tried to withdraw from the crime.”

Defense Attorney Kevin Vander Werff gave further context. “One of the other co-defendants was [Carrasco’s] brother. He came along to try to protect his brother.”

The attorney’s agreed to the sentence for Carrasco and presented it to Judge Bagley. They said Carrasco should receive 24 months of probation, with a fine of $750, and credit for time already served in jail (approximately 6 months). If Carrasco successfully completes probation, then his offense should be reduced from a second-degree felony to a Class A misdemeanor.

Judge Bagley agreed to the recommended sentence, but with one addition. Bagley told the defendant that he must complete his high school degree before he completes probation. Bagley imposed the sentence on Carrasco and ordered that he be released that day.