Miss Fairview court crowned, Malia Ah Kuoi names queen

The Miss Fairview Royal Court 2018 poses after being chosen last Saturday, Feb. 17, at the Peterson Dance Hall in Fairview. The Royal Court is (L-R) Second Attendant Emily Kerksiek, Miss Fairview 2018 Malia Ah Kuoi and First Attendant Allyssa Ericksen.

Miss Fairview court crowned,

Malia Ah Kuoi names queen


By James Tilson
Feb. 22, 2018

Staff writer


FAIRVIEW—The audience was encouraged to “Feel This Moment” as Fairview City crowned its new Royal Court for 2018 and named Malia Ah Kuoi as Miss Fairview 2018.

Debbie Nielson, assistant director for the pageant, called this year’s pageant “one of the most competitive years we’ve ever had.”

Each of the contestants performed well and impressed the audience.

Nielson said, “We’re so excited because for our little town of Fairview we have some amazing talent.”

Ah Kuoi said of the experience, “It’s been so crazy, but every minute has been worth it, just getting to know these girls. It’s like I have four new sisters.”

Kuoi is the daughter of Sarah Noorlander and William Ah Kuoi, and her platform for her yearlong reign will be “L.I.V.E.,” which deals with Ah Kuoi’s struggles with anxiety.

She said, “I’m really looking forward to implementing my platform. It’s something that’s very important to me.”

The first attendant is Allyssa Ericksen, and the second attendant is Emily Kerksiek. Ericksen was also named Miss Congeniality, while Kierksiek was named Most Photogenic.

Dallis Ann Makenzie Bell was named the contestant with the Most Sponsor Donations.