More than 80 candidates place bids for Sanpete municipal elections

All the political strife and turmoil caused by the 2020 presidential election did not seem to deter Sanpete County’s enthusiasm for running for city offices this year.

The list of candidates running for mayor and city council in Sanpete County’s 13 incorporated cities and towns was up substantially from the previous municipal election. While more than 60 candidates filed for municipal offices in 2019, over 80 candidates filed for office this year.

The filing deadline for mayor and council seats was 5 p.m. on Monday, June 7.

There will also be a dozen races that require a primary election this year. The primaries will be held on Aug. 10.

In the town of Fayette, no one filed for the title of mayor. Sanpete County Clerk Sandy Neill said that if no candidate runs for the elected office of mayor, the city council will appoint an interim mayor until the next election.

There was also one council seat each in Fayette, Fountain Green and Wales that did not attract a candidate.

Five incumbent mayors decided not to run for reelection this year. They were Jed Bartholomew from Fayette; Cynthia DeGrey from Spring City; Korry Soper from Manti; Cliff Wheeler from Fairview; and Randall Cox from Sterling.

Incumbent mayors John Scott from Ephraim, Steve Anderson from Mayfield and Mark Coombs from Fountain Green will all run unopposed. Newcomer Keenan Pearson from Sterling will not face any opposition for his bid for mayor either.

All the candidates that run unopposed or succeed in the primaries will advance to the Nov. 2 general election.  Anyone who wants to run as a write-in for the general election may do so. Sanpete County holds non-partisan elections, and anyone can run for office, regardless of their political affiliation, Neill said.


Four candidates have filed to run for mayor to replace Soper. The four candidates who will face off in the primaries are Alfred “Chuck” Bigelow, Darren Ray Dyreng, Steve Ray Sorensen and Shannon D. Miller.

 There are five candidates running for two 4-year city council seats, so there will be a primary election. The candidates are incumbent Mary Lonnie Wintch, Jeffrey W. Killian, Cory Schmidt, Stephanie Whitney and Gary Erickson.


The incumbent mayor John Scott will run unopposed for mayor. Four candidates, S. Lloyd Stevens, Donny Durrant, Wendel Evan Smith and Margie O Anderson, are running for two four-year council seats.

Mt. Pleasant

In Mt. Pleasant, the incumbent mayor Michael Olsen will take on four other challengers in the primaries. The challengers for mayor are Dan Simons, Russell (Bull) Keisel, Jeff B. McDonald and Darold (Dar) Butcher. There are six candidates running for two 4-year city council seats, so a primary will be required. They are Lynn Beesley, Paul C. Madsen, Donalyn L. Shock, Robert A. Marx, Mark Hightower and Dianne Blackham.


In Moroni, the incumbent mayor Paul Bailey will take on Jared Howells and Jacob Michie for mayor in the primary election. There are five people running for two, four-year council seats, so the winners will advance in the primaries. They are incumbent Troy Prestwich, incumbent (Fred) Thayne Atkinson, Richard Nelson, Brad Aldridge and Brandon B. Miller.

Spring City

The Spring City elections will see three challengers, Jane Hawkes, Raelynn C. Ferguson and Chris Anderson, for mayor meeting in the primary. The incumbent Cynthia DeGrey will not be running again. In the race for two-year city council, the incumbent George Kenzy will take on Kimberly Lloyd-Stewart, Timothy Clark and Kristine Hansen in the primaries. In the two races for 4-year city council seats, there are four contenders. They are the incumbent Paul Penrod, Thomas Brunner, Nancy Allred and Cheryl Bartholomew. The top two candidates with the most votes will win the seats.


Three candidates have filed to run for the position of mayor in Centerfield. The incumbent mayor Thomas Sorensen will be running against David Roland Beck, a former mayor and Travis B. Leatherwood in the primaries. There are four candidates for two, four-year council seats. They are Jonah Christensen, Gary Lynn Childs, R. Ryan Stewart and Christi B. Garff.

Fountain Green

The Fountain Green mayor Mark Coombs will be running unopposed. The incumbent Rod Hansen is the sole candidate to file for two, four-year city council seats that need filling.


The incumbent mayor of Gunnison, Lori Nay, will be facing off against Blake Donaldson in the general election. There are three candidates running for the one two-year seat that is open. The incumbent Michael Wanner will face Holly Brown and Jay Clayton in the primary election.  Robert C. Anderson and Shawn Crane  are running for two, four-year council seats.


In Fairview, the incumbent mayor Cliff Wheeler not be running, so C. Gilbert Dewolf will take on Brad Welch for mayor in the general election. There are six candidates vying for two vacant four-year seats in the primaries. They are Aaron Watts, Kirk Watts, Talon C. Peterson, Casey I Anderson, Sean Rawlinson and Shirlene D. Rasmussen. Michael MacKay is running unopposed for the two-year seat.


In the Town of Sterling, Keenan Pearson will run unopposed for the office of mayor. There are two people running unopposed for two, four-year council seats. They are Tamra Privett and Yvonne V. Larsen.


In Mayfield, the incumbent mayor Steve Anderson will run unopposed for mayor. There are six candidates running for two, four-year council seats. They are the incumbent Mike Bennett, incumbent Steven D. Liddiard, Patty Glauser, Jaden L. James, Wesley Coates and Diane C. Johson. These candidates will be required to face off in the primary election.


In Wales, the incumbent mayor Nathan Mitchell will take on Byron L. Davis to become the next mayor. The incumbent councilman Ronald Thompson and Marian Staci Taylor will run unopposed for the two, two-year council seats. And David S. Larsen is the sole candidate to run for two, four-year council seats. There is one council seat without a candidate.


In the town of Fayette, no one has filed to become the town’s next mayor. There is one person, Melissa Brinkerhoff Mellor, who has filed to run for one of two, four-year council seats that are open, leaving one unfilled.


In the special service district of Axtell, three incumbents will run for re-election to the board, according to county clerk’s office.

Twin Oaks

In the special service of Twin Oaks, the two incumbents, Rulon Eslie Allred and Bill G. Bowles will continue to serve as board members.