Mt. Pleasant City updates cemetery policies at their June 22 meeting

Mayor Michael Olsen recognized Mabel Cook as Mt. Pleasant’s Citizen of the Month for June.

MT. PLEASANT—The Mt. Pleasant City Council adopted new cemetery polices at a June 22 meeting.

The council looked at cemetery practices being employed at other cities, including Spanish Fork, before taking action.

“We’ve copied this from three or four different cemeteries,” Mt. Pleasant Mayor Michael Olsen said.

Policies include the depth of graves; expectations of cemetery employees; and allowing dogs on leashes. It was also determined the cemetery sexton will not be in charge of the irrigation watering schedule.

Claudia Jarrett, a former county commissioner, spoke at the meeting and wanted to know when there would be a public hearing on the $5.2 million for the city’s well and water treatment plant project.

The city authorized issuance of parity water revenue bonds and a bond anticipation note of the city relative to the project.

Jarrett said that she and Pam Stoker were at city hall at 6 p.m.—before the council meeting—in anticipation of a hearing.

Mayor Olsen and Councilman Atkinson talked about re-publicizing the hearing. Apparently, the hearing was supposed to be held earlier that evening, but there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line.

Also in the meeting, the council discussed if fireworks will be allowed this season.

Fire Chief and Councilman Sam Draper was not at the meeting, but he called Recorder Jeanne Tejada that same day and told her that by state law, the city cannot ban them.

Councilman Russell Keisel said that the council will make a request of residents “to please refrain from using aerial fireworks.”

Mayor Olsen recognized Mabel Cook as the city’s citizen of the month. He said that Cook has been a volunteer at Sanpete Pantry for seven years (immediately after moving to town from Plains, Mont.) and a member of the Mt. Pleasant library board since 2016.

“There are not enough days in the week for Mabel,” Olsen said, noting that Cook can be seen walking her dog every morning; and she is one of the best cooks in town.

The city council also adopted the 2021 city property tax rate and the 2021 library property tax rate. It also passed an ordinance that adopts impact fee plans and an impact fee analysis for power services, establishing certain policies relating to the impact fee and development activities.