New pastor takes over for Centerfield Baptist Church

Pastor Emery Polelonema and his wife, Lillie Lee


New pastor takes over for

Centerfield Baptist Church




CENTERFIELD—Emery Polelonema is the new pastor of the Centerfield Baptist Church.

He and his wife, Lillie Lee, have been serving in Centerfield for five years, and Polelonema has filled the pulpit for then Pastor Nathan Simmons, who was fighting his battle with multiple myeloma cancer. Pastor Simmons passed away on Sept. 2, 2019, and Polelonema is now officially the Centerfield pastor.

Polelonema has been in the ministry since 2008, filling Southern Baptist churches in Central Utah. He and his wife Lillie have been married for 40 years this month; they have two sons and two daughters, Cassandra Lee, Elmer, Nathan Seth and Kalandra Lee. They also have seven grandchildren: Dominic Luis, 16, Isaac, 14, Gabriel, 12, Mason Seth, 10, Braunson, 8, Nevah, 6, and Aliyah, 4.

They live in Richfield, where they are working as a missionary team in sharing the love of Christ. The Centerfield Baptist Church is located at 75 W. 200 North and Bible study is 10 a.m. on Sundays, followed by worship services at 11 a.m.