Spencer Cox garners $1.2M from more than 1,500 individual donors


Spencer Cox garners $1.2M from more

than 1,500 individual donors


By Robert Green

Staff writer



In his bid to become Utah’s next governor, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox has attracted more individual donors than all other candidates combined, suggesting a large ground-swelling of support for the Sanpete native.

To date, Spencer’s fundraising campaign has raised nearly $1.2 million from 1553 individual donors, said his campaign manager Austin Cox (no relation).

This is by far the highest number of individual donors among all gubernatorial candidates, Austin said.

Spencer’s grassroots support has also put him in second place for total dollars raised for the race. Only candidate Jeff Burningham has raised more money at $1.5 million, said Austin, but he loaned himself $750,000.

“If you subtract personal loans from the candidate to the campaign, the Lt. Governor has raised the most money,” Austin said. “If you include loans, Spencer has raised the second most.”

Rural Utahns, and especially those in Sanpete County, are showing their support in droves. A recent signature gathering campaign to secure Spencer Cox’s name on the ballot in the Republican primary is off to an incredible start, Austin said. There are signature gathering stations throughout the Sanpete Valley.

“Our grassroots fundraising from everyday Utahns shows the incredible support we are earning every day—and the momentum is growing,” Spencer said. “We have many donating to a campaign for the first time; some just $10 and $20. Abby and I promised our campaign would be different and this response has been remarkable.”

Historically, campaigns have relied on a much smaller pool of Utah individuals for funding, Austin said. In 2016 for example, Gov. Gary Herbert listed 500 donors and in 2012 he counted 900 donors.

In total, Spencer raised $1,188,598—not including personal loans or in-kind contributions—in 2019 ($157,300 as Lt. Gov. and $1,031,298 as a gubernatorial candidate) and will carry more than $850,000 into the new year, Austin said.

“While our campaign was announced early in order to visit all 248 Utah cities and towns, we have conserved resources as much as possible,” said Austin. “Our success in 2019 allows us to finish strong in 2020. We know Spencer won’t be the best-funded candidate, but we will have enough to share Spencer’s conservative vision for Utah’s future.”

As of Jan. 10, the Cox campaign had more individual donors by far than any other candidate, Austin said. Jeff Burningham disclosed 359 donors; Winder Newton disclosed 244 donors; and Jon Huntsman disclosed 123 donors.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that campaign disclosures show that Spencer Cox has received some large donations as well. They include a $50,000 donation from the political action committee of Gov. Gary Herbert and $50,000 from Gail Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz and the Larry H. Miller Group.

Gov. Herbert has publically endorsed the Lt. Gov. to succeed him.

People interested in donating to Spencer’s campaign can visit www.votecox.com.