Pearson found in Cedar City

Lindsey Pearson


Pearson found in Cedar City




GUNNISON—The Gunnison Valley Police Department has successfully located and recovered Lindsey Pearson, a 17-year-old Gunnison resident that was reported missing on Friday.

According to the GVPD Facebook page, officers from Southern Utah University Police, at the request of the Gunnison Valley Police Department, responded to an undisclosed location in Cedar City, where they located Pearson.

Pearson didn’t come home after work Thursday evening at 9 p.m. at a restaurant in Gunnison and her bicycle was found near the Gunnison Valley High School football field, leaned against a fence, according to police.

The Gunnison Valley Police, along with investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation will continue to investigate this case to determine what if any charges are going to be filed in the case.

Anyone with information regarding the case should call the GVPD at 528-5532.