Suspect in the hot seat over alleged Pearson kidnapping, GVPD chief says more may be charged.

Michelle Serra


Suspect in hot seat over alleged Pearson kidnapping
GVPD chief says more may be charged.


Greg Knight

Staff Writer



CEDAR CITY—While Lindsey Pearson might be safe at home in Centerfield after allegedly being kidnapped and taken to Cedar City over the weekend, one adult has been charged in the case—with additional suspects likely to be charged in coming days.

Pearson, 17, was found safe and sound at off-campus housing near Southern Utah University’s (SUU) campus and, according to a statement from Gunnison Valley Police Department (GVPD) Chief Brett McCall, Pearson spoke with FBI agents before being contacted by SUU officers.

The woman arrested by the GVPD, 29-year-old Michelle Serra of Milford, was picked up July 28 in Beaver and was held in the Sanpete County Jail on charges of felony kidnapping. She was released the next morning after posting $10,000 bail.

According to McCall, his department has plans to arrest others in the case.

“(We) have found several suspects complicit in taking Lindsey out of the Gunnison Valley area and away from her custodial parent who resides in Centerfield,” McCall stated. “In cooperation with other local and federal partners, (we) were able to navigate the complicated scheme the conspirators concocted and were able to take Lindsey and then attempt to ‘hide her out’ in Cedar City.

This involves a noncustodial parent and at least two others. There will be charges filed against those others, pending our work with the Sanpete County Attorney’s Office.”

McCall added that Cedar City Police Department (CCPD) officers were not involved in the investigation—and that their department felt there was a conflict of interest in the case.

CCPD Sgt. Jerry Womack said the recusal came from a “strong desire to do the right thing.”

“One of our officers is a family member to one of the accused in this case,” Sgt. Womack said. “We felt like it wasn’t appropriate to be handling it.”

Pearson didn’t come home after work Thursday evening at 9 p.m. at Coach B’s in Gunnison and her bicycle was found near the Gunnison Valley High School football field, leaned against a fence, according to police.