Presidential hopeful speaks at Snow through videoconference

Evan McMullin, presidential hopeful
Evan McMullin, presidential hopeful


Presidential hopeful speaks at Snow through videoconference


Matt Harris

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin used videoconferencing  to attend a volunteer-organized rally held in the Noyes Building of Snow College last Friday.

McMullin, a former CIA operative and BYU graduate, declared his candidacy for president in August of this year.

He says he regularly faces the criticisms of those who believe he began his campaign too late, but his response has become the campaign slogan, “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

Roughly 70 local Sanpete residents came out for rally, which volunteers for the McMullin Campaign held in Ephraim to inform supporters and curious voters about McMullin’s political beliefs and ideology.

“There is no reason why this whole country shouldn’t be able to see that [McMullin]’s a viable option,” volunteer David Allred said. “If I tell ten new people, and each of them tells ten new people, and you go through that nine times, that’s a billion people.”

Allred was the volunteer who came up with the plan to bring the McMullin campaign to Ephraim. Upon contacting Brady Quinn, McMullin’s campaign advisor for the Utah area, plans were made and executed to host the rally.

The onset of the rally allowed attendees to voice open-ended questions on a variety of issues towards Quinn while waiting on the moment when McMullin himself would video call into the meeting through Skype. The time was delayed due to McMullin’s flight to Texas being delayed, but McMullin still managed to Skype in at 8 p.m. during the meeting.

The topics and inquiries discussed at the rally ranged from vaccinations to federal land grab to college tuition costs and more.

McMullin took the opportunity to answer questions on current issues from the crowd, and many of his answers generated positivity and agreement. “I think it’s vitally important that someone stand up in this election with [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump],” McMullin said. “I think they’re both corrupt. We deserve leaders who reflect our values and who will stand up and fight. It is time for us to stand up.”

McMullin also disclosed to viewers much about his personal decision to run for president which, he says, was about a 10-day thought process. As of now, McMullin reports that he is on the ballot in 30 states, Utah included, having just added three prior to the rally.

For more information about the McMullin campaign, or to volunteer, voters can access evanmcmullin.com.