Snow College Board of Trustees approves stadium lighting for football field

Snow College Board of Trustees approves stadium lighting for football field


Matt Harris

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—The Snow College Board of Trustees approved plans to install stadium lights on the Robert L. Stoddard Field at Badger Stadium during a meeting held Apr. 29 in Richfield.

Snow College President Gary Carlston later confirmed the approval in a meeting held in June.

The lights are part of the first phase of a three-phase renovation project for Badger Stadium. Construction is scheduled to start in December of this year and is planned to be ready for the Badgers 2017 football season. “It’s been over 50 years since we have had a night football game in Ephraim,” Carlston said.

In addition to light installments, phase one of the renovations will involve replacement of the artificial field turf which, according to the report of a recent board meeting, is “nearing the end of its usefulness.”

Snow College Assistant to the President Marci Larsen said that the reason why it has been so long that Snow has gone without renovation, is that “it all comes down to funding.”

Larsen said, with the rapid growth of the college, they are now able to generate the funds necessary for the project.

“We are grateful to the fundraising steering committee for their great work,” Larsen said.

Larsen adds that the college plans to visit with neighboring community member to discuss the impact that the lights will have on them as well.

“In addition to football games,” Carlston said, “we envision that other student groups will be able to benefit from using the field and lights in the evenings.”

As yet, it is undetermined when the following two phases of renovation will be started or finished.