(One 2-Year Seat)

(L-R): Timothy Clark, Kristine Hansen, George Kenzy, Kimberly Lloyd-Stewart

George W. Kenzy

George Kenzy and his wife and have lived in Spring City for 40 years. He has a master’s degree in mining engineering.

Earlier this year, he was chosen to fill a vacancy on the city council. He was a member of the Spring City Board of Adjustment from 2001 to 2019, and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission from 2019 to 2021.

He helped develop master plans for culinary water and wastewater. He also worked on updating the city master plan and developing an annexation policy. He is currently working on a transportation plan project, which will the basis for improvements and long-term road development, he says

Kenzy says, “There is literally nothing that I would change about Spring City; instead, I would focus on maintaining what we have and providing future residents with good roads, sewer, water and power.”

Kristine Hansen

Kristine Hansen moved to Spring City in 2017 to retire as she was winding up her 35-year career as an English professor at BYU.

Hansen says, “I believe I could make a strong contribution to the city council because I spent over 18 years of my career in administrative positions, including several years as associate dean of general and honors education.

“I know how to lead and how to study an issue, get input from all sides, and work out solutions to problems. I have administered budgets, and worked with support staff to accomplish goals.” 

She says she could use her background in English and write to write grant proposals for the city.

Hansen says, “I would be dedicated to working for the health and safety of Spring City’s residents; to maintaining city infrastructure, services, and utilities at a high level; and to preserving the beauty, culture and traditions of the town.”

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark has lived in Spring City for seven years.

The Clark family moved to Spring City because they were attracted to small town living.

Clark says, “I want our community to be a safe, friendly environment where we can raise our families. I am a small business owner who has experience in managing subcontractors and ensuring that work gets done right. I have traveled the world and worked in many different countries and with many different people. I can honestly say that I love Spring City. I love the people and our community. I am friendly and feel like I can work with anyone.”

He believes that “if we can stand united, we will stand together, strong and unstoppable.”

Kimberly Lloyd-Stewart

Kimberly Lloyd-Stewart has lived in Spring City for over 20 years. She has a master’s degree in instructional technology. 

Stewart served on the city council from 2015-2017. Some of her accomplishments were to build the city website and publish the town newsletter. She was also on the team that wrote the Spring City Master Plan. She also assisted in writing the grant to the Utah Community Impact Board that paid for the spring redevelopment.

Prior to being appointed to the city council, she served on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Stewarts says, “Spring City needs to address the growth happening in our community, both inside the city limits and outside. We need to find funds to pay for the infrastructure needed to support that growth. Our tax base is primarily the residences inside the city limits; we need to encourage businesses that can help with that tax base.”

She also says, “In my opinion the current planning and zoning committee does not equitably render decisions and that needs to be corrected,” she says.