Sanpete native returns to become Fairview manager

photoS courtesy cameron thompson
(LEFT): Jan and Cameron Thompson (L-R) stand with their children Henrik and Eliana. Cameron has been hired to be Fairview’s new city manager. (RIGHT): New Fairview City Manager Cameron Thompson

FAIRVIEW—The Fairview City Council welcomed a son of Sanpete back to the county and into the city manager position at their meeting on Thursday, Aug. 19.

Cameron Thompson, son of Bill and Colette Thompson of Manti, started as Fairview’s city manager on Monday, Aug 23. He returned to Sanpete after a 13 year stretch working as a geologist in the oil and gas industry.

Coming back to Sanpete has been high-up on his list of life possibilities.

“My brother told me about the job in Fairview and I thought it sounded like a really interesting challenge,” Thompson told the Messenger.

Thompson says his experience in oil exploration and development overlaps well with the demands of a city manager. People management, schedule and budget management and resource conservation are all skills from his previous career that will go to good use for Fairview’s management.

He pursued his career in geology because growing up in Sanpete—and the love for the outdoors it engendered—led him into it. That career then took him to Alberta, Canada, Oklahoma and Colorado. And now home again.

“I’m happy to be here with [Fairview City],” Thompson said. “I’m excited to be back in Sanpete … and make this the best place we can.”

Fairview has never had a city manager before; and the city has been without a city planner since February 2021. The workload has been overwhelming at times with the decreased personnel, said City Recorder Jan Anderson.

“People don’t realize—even in a small town—how much time it takes to run a city,” she said. “It will be great to have someone else to help shoulder [the responsibilities].”

While many of the duties of a city manager have previously been performed by a city planner, this is the first time the position has existed in its current form.

After the city planner position was vacated at the beginning of 2021, the council decided to roll the planner responsibilities into a new position more suited to the city’s needs. The newly-created position was posted the first week of July.

Thompson was born at the Mt. Pleasant hospital and grew up in Manti. He graduated from Manti High School in 1999 and went on to Weber State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. He later received a Master of Science degree in Earth Science from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

While at Weber State, Thompson met his future wife, Jan Johnson, while working backstage with the school’s performing arts department. Jan was in the choir and the two would cross paths as each pursued their roles in the department. Since Jan was dating his friend at the time, Thompson wasn’t able to act on his interest in her, he said.

Later, after his friend and Jan had parted ways—and with the blessing of that friend—Thompson and Jan began their courtship. They’ve now been married for over 17 years and have two children.

In other news, the council agreed to address a long-deferred annexation proposal in their meeting next month. Initially explored a year ago, the proposed annexation includes 781.1 acres east and northeast of current city boundaries. The council will consider a resolution that will move forward on the annexation and initiate a set of timed requirements with the state.

The council also approved the first steps for a solution to repair or replace the city’s lower well tank, originally built in 1952. The tank has been repaired once before, but now the tank needs significant overhaul or complete replacement, said Justin Jackson, Water and Sewer Superintendent.